Rafting TubesThere’s no better way to kick off the summer than with rafting tubes. Start your summer off right with one of these. They offer fun for the entire family. If you’re looking to get bumped up and down on the waves of the shore or just want to relax while drifting down the river, these were made for you.

The tubes are durable and can handle all types of currents, slow or strong. They won’t rip easy and can last a lifetime. They come equipped with a patch kit if a tear should occur. You can inflate and deflate these very easy as they have two chambers for your convenience.

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Here are some other things they offer that you may not be aware of:

Shapes and Sizes – These floatable devices come in a number of shapes and sizes. Traditional devices have changed over the last ten years. They now come in sizes that can accommodate the entire family: small, medium and large. There are extra large tubes for people who are bigger than a large. The shapes of these mechanisms are the usual donut shape, but so there are so many modifications to them that they now come in domes and ovals.

Hand Rails – Some of the devices come equipped with hand rails. These are handy when being dragged down stream by boat or when you just want somewhere to relax your hands while enjoying the lazy river.

Tow Rope – Many of the mechanisms have slots in them that have tow ropes. These are great for boaters as they can get out of the boat and float around the lake or shore. They also come in handy for tubers as they can be taken upstream and then left off to drift down the river.

Seats – At times, these tubes can get rather uncomfortable. That’s why some of them are equipped with seats. You no longer have to hang on one or slouch down the inside of them just to relax. You can now get comfort from sitting back in a seat while relaxing.

Inflatable – These devices can be inflated and deflated through an air chamber. You don’t have to manually blow these up any longer as they now come hand-pump ready. The air chamber can be opened and closed; within minutes you can be having fun. This is a great benefit of the tubes because you had to literally blow up traditional ones until you were blue in the face.

Portable – Of course, with easy deflation these can be transported anywhere. They also conveniently fit in a small space of a trunk or back seat of your car. They can be folded up to open up even more space. So they’ll be ready to go when venturing on your next water trip.

Rafting tubes are inexpensive and can be used as a floatation device on any type of water. They are reliable and convenient. These tubes come water-ready and geared to go.

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